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Ottiu is a reinterpretation of mid-century lifestyle into the unique upholstery pieces with exquisite designs. You will dive into a glamorous collection that goes far beyond upholstery. Each and every design piece is much more than a decoration item… it is the main character of your living space, the star of your house.

Ottiu creations tells you stories about Hollywood’s grandeur. Combining sophistication and sex appeal, dressed up with smooth velvets, any place will be the perfect movie set, where sensual designs are the scenario for your mysterious desires.
Any space will become a gracious retreat with this luscious additions which will make you feel like a classic, surrounded by the glamour of the golden era.

“Time in classical Hollywood were continuous, linear and uniform… This is how your own otium should be”

Concept: Otium… your leisure time

Otium is related to the time when you forget about the world outside and get into your own, enjoying life’s pleasures and what makes you feel balanced and relaxed.
Ottiu – beyond upholstery offers you all the key elements to create your own retreat at your house, using all the details any woman needs, full of comfort, elegance and sophistication.

From the golden era to your glamorous space

Ottiu’s upholstered pieces, inspired in mid-century lifestyle, are all about sage and sophisticated details that brings the chaotic yet fabulous cosmopolitan world to your own living room. Each piece is minutely made by specialized craftsmen, treated like an art piece: from the beginning – where wood is fused into a solid wood – to the detailed and high-quality finishing.

What You’ll Find

Innovation: an original use of textures, combinations of textiles, materials and colors.

High-quality: always the best possible version of each of our unique pieces.

Trendsetting: an analytical look at the global furniture market, setting ourselves above trends.

Dedication: communication, accessibility and efficiency, from the moment of the first contact until after delivery.

Each piece, made by specialized craftsmen, is treated like a unique work of art: from the foundation in a solid wood structure to the last details of the high-quality finishing.

Conceptually, our products materialize an accessible and comfortable escape from the cosmopolitan chaos, recreating at home a gratifying retreat.

Ottiu | Beyond Upholstery - mid-century lifestyle

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